Friday, 30 March 2018

Two Architects-  Concept Sentences
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1. She focuses on her facades to create a conversation/ cultural connection between the building location and purpose (Amy Leung)

2. She expresses organic form and material complexity by building her structures on a large scale. (Wang)

3. She experiments with materials and geometry to create seemingly weightless, but strong architectural forms that demonstrate her understanding of space and motion. (Frances)

4. Through the use of highly reflective building materials she mirrors the surrounding context whilst providing a camouflage that allows her building to sculpturally standout. Her buildings are both inclusive and exclusive  (Amy Louise/ Ada)

5."The connection to existing Heritage". She breathed new life into the nearby heritage buildings by manipulating the spaces between and encouraging interaction between the new and old. (Nathalie)

6. She works with organic forms, but through digitization they become "too perfect" (Monica)

7. The expression of the form is somewhere between art and architecture. (Zoey)

8. She uses very experimental materials incorporated with innovative structure to create freeform curved shapes. (Han)

9. She creates structural roofs that appear to be floating in space : light and gravity defying (Chu)

10. She uses a  combination of continuous, smooth surfaces that represent a sense of elegance and peacefulness. (Earl)

11. She has a strong use of repetitive overlapping forms. (Wei Teng)

12. The blending and contrast between materials emphasizes form whilst mirroring the texture of the landscape. (Sanishka)

13.She creates organic building forms expressed using complex materials, or materials in a complex form. (Taixuan)

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1. Enric was a highly inventive architect, using the local environment and the buildings purpose to inform his designs (Amy Leung)

2. He bought the concept of life into his building. The buildings grow and change with time. (Wang)

3. Enrics designs consist of geometric shapes that helped embody the spirit of the city: He used the sites immediate context as inspiration, but twisted it into a coherent and individual building. (Ada)

4. Most of his architecture reflects texture and exposed natural materials. His work is referred to as 'time architecture'. His layering of materials is like layering of memories: The space-time-metaphysical architecture. (Frances)

5. His shapes seamlessly blend together to form an elegant geometrical composition. (Amy Louise)

6. He followed a geometrical hierarchy when designing buildings, but made it so that it organically responded to the local topology. (Nathalie)

7. Miralles playfulness with geometry encapsulated a different side of human natures unwillingness to comply with the norm. (Monica)

8. Enric used the context of the site to inspire the architectural forms. (Zoey)

9. Enric conceptually used visual motifs as structural inspiration in his building such as upturned boat, keel shapes and prow shapes. (Han)

10. He combined nature and architecture, pulling and pushing one into the other. (Chu)

11. The combination of spaces with symmetrical shapes and sharp angles fits into the environment and mimics geological features of the land, giving a sense of modernity and connection to the environment. (Earl)

12. His surfaces are a combination of freeform nature. (WeiTeng)

13. Ornamental design...cluttered arrangement. (Sansishka)

14. Within a single building he creates different 'rooms', each with their own sense of space, time, materials and textures. (Taixuan)

Great work everyone

If you name has not been mentioned above, please submit your sentences to me next class. As you are submitting late, they will need to be different from those already submitted

- Catherine Bakker